Galeria LA PUNTUAL, Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona


"Aquí no pinto nada" is about Saverio Tonoli Admo's last painting, Azoth (2017), a large format piece which starts from the observation of mould in different elements collected by the artist, such as fruit, meat or cereals. The watercolours, part of the Coffe variations (2015), mix together coffee and pigments and permits us to draw a bridge within the work made from Saverio during the last years.  A site-specific work on the walls of La Puntual accompains the painting, using the existing elements as a starting point and doing so, integrating the space of the gallery in his own work. (Ignasi Aballì)


Azoth, 2017 | ink, pigments and acrylic on rice paper, 200x800cm.
Site-specific installation, 2017 | mixed technique, dimensions variables.
Coffee variations, 2015 | coffee and watercolours on paper, 24x17cm.

images © Julius studio